Redfield Soccer Family

One day standing on the sideline of the rugby field a friend asked me, “Anne, do your kids help out at home?

“They sure do”, I responded. “Why do you ask?”

Well my kids won’t do anything that I ask them. So how do you get your kids to do all their chores?” I’m sick of nagging and complaining. Nothing I do seems to work.

‘I understand what you are talking about. It’s tough being on their case all the time. As you know I have 12 children and I need them to be responsible and pull their weight. If they don’t there are consequences for their actions” I replied.

After telling her a few stories about how I ran our household. She suggested, “You should write a book and I need to read it!”

I smile and explained, ” I’ve already written a book and it is well on it’s way to being published”.

She became quite animated and asked, “How long will it take? I can’t wait to read it?”

I walked away from that conversation feeling I had really encouraged this mother to be more confident and more demanding on her kids. Over the next few days and after a few more similar conversations I realized there was a real need to empower other parents out there to be demanding on their kids so they can grow into responsible and intelligent adults with strong characters.

I knew my book would take some time to be published so I decided a parenting blog would be a good start. In this blog, I talk about my family and the many lessons learned in my life as a wife and mother. I talk about some of the funny, stressful and at times sad stories that are part and parcel of family life and life in general. I include some of my perceived successes and failures and the need for optimism and a positive attitude and not to take myself too seriously. On my desk I have a piece of paper that reminds me every day to remember that failures plant the seeds for greater success down the road. Believe me I need to read this often.

I hope this blog not only gives you a few good laughs but helps you not to take yourself too seriously, develop a sense of humor, learn a few strategies for running the home and the kids and keep focused on the end result. This blog is also an opportunity to engage in dialogue with you about family and personal matters. I hope you enjoy and benefit from this experience as much as I know I will.